ag体育:欧洲欲建太空”防护盾” 防范小行星撞地球

11月 13th, 2020  |  科技



Scientists are trying to find a way to protect Earth from the giant rocks which travel around the Milky Way.科学家正试图寻找能维护地球免受银河系巨石碰撞的方法。Run out of Berlin with funds from the EU, the NEOShield project, which will look for a way to protect earth from the space rocks, is expected to take three years to complete.欧盟出资赞助商的这一小行星防水盾项目从柏林跟上,目标是找寻一种能维护地球免受太空巨石碰撞的方法,该项目预期将耗时三年已完成。Some of the ideas being tossed around at the moment include repelling asteroids with projectiles or explosives or using gravity to change its course.当前考虑到的一些思路还包括用导弹、炸药来击溃小行星或运用地心引力来转变小行星的运营轨道。The project though is a little late as a chunk of rock 400 times the City of London is set to hurtle closer than a rock of its size has in a very long time.不过,这一项目开始得有点晚,因为一块相等于400个伦敦城的巨石相反地球迫近,而且是很长时间以来这么大的巨石和地球最近距离的认识。

The asteroid labelled (433) Eros measures 19 by 8 by 8 miles and is set to pass by next week.这一堪称(433) Eros的小行星大小为19*8*8英里,将于下周和地球擦肩而过。Despite its massive size, the cosmic rock shouldnt be too cause too much of a threat as it is on a circular path far outside the moons orbit.尽管这一太空巨石体积相当大,但应当会对地球导致过于大威胁,因为该巨石沿着月球轨道之外距离很远的一个圆形轨道运营。

Nevertheless, with NASA estimating that there are almost one thousand asteroids over one kilometre in length and 19,500 over 100-metres, scientists at the Institute of Planetary Research are trying to find a way to protect Earth.然而,美国宇航局估算现在银河系大约有1000颗长度多达1千米的小行星和19500颗长度多达100米的小行星,因此行星研究所的科学家们于是以希望探索维护地球的办法。With an investment of some 4 million by the European Commission and an extra 1.8 million coming from scientific institutions and partners, the German Aerospace Center aims to have a plan for a test mission drafted within three years.回应欧盟委员会已投放400万欧元,此外科学机构及合作伙伴也投放了180万欧元。德国宇航中心致力于在三年内用这些资金登录出有一个测试任务的计划。


After that, if they can find the extra cash, the mission may be launched by 2020. The scientists will be looking at a host of ideas, many of which have already been proposed.在那之后,如果还有更加多资金来源,他们可能会在2020年前继续执行这一任务。科学家将考虑到许多设想,还包括之前明确提出过的众多建议。Of course, a lot of things have already been proposed, Alan Harris, the studys leader, told Spiegel Online. But, so far, most of them have come from a single institution, perhaps even from a single person. So it has been hard to pursue them.该研究的领头人阿兰哈里斯告诉他Spiegel Online说道:当然,人们早已明确提出了许多设想。但是,到目前为止,大多数设想都是来自单个机构,甚至或许是单个人明确提出来的。

所以想要实施这些设想很艰难。Investigating each idea will take place on paper and in lab experiments, since we dont have the money to do more than that, said Wolfram Lork, who works with a subsidiary on the project.该项目辅助机构研究员沃尔夫拉姆洛克说道,对每个设想展开调查研究将不会在论文和实验室层面上展开,因为我们没有经费去做到更加多的事。One other, coarser idea would be blast deflection which would involve deterring the asteroid with directed explosive charges. Harris says this would be the final, desperate approach.另外一个粗略设想是发生爆炸位移,也就是通过导弹发生爆炸位移小行星的运营方向。




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